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Not So Boring Salads!

Let me start by writing that this past week was very special.  A department store at the mall is going out of business and everything is 70 %  off.  My sweet husband thought he would roam the kitchen departmentand found some great deals.  He brought home a beautiful shine All-Clad Lasagna Pan.  But, that's not all - this was a gift set that had the pan, 2 hot mitts and a wonderful Italian cookbook.  (I haven't been able to read through it all, but the first pages are really good. And I am trying one of the recipes this week.)  The other gift was a mixing bowl with a suction holder. I already had a larger version and love it.  This was the smaller bowl of the set.  
With all that said - on to the next recipes.  I suppose with my title you know that this is all about salads.  The two salads I have picked out are not just boring lettuce and dressing.  They are simple, but exciting.  
The first salad is from "  Savoring Italy"   and the second comes fr…
How Many Cookbooks DO You Have?      I was struggling on how to present my next group of recipes and photos.  As I was standing in my kitchen the light bulb went on and my thoughts were of cookbooks.  Yes, cookbooks!   I went to my shelves and began to count - I have in my possession 175 cookbooks and that doesn't include my recipe card  file, magazine tear outs, and booklets from the check-out line.  I honestly cannot say that I have prepared recipes from every one, but I am 53 years old, it's possible. : )  The truth, for me,  is that a cookbook is a great read: there are wonderful photos, which more times than not help me to choose the recipe.  It is suppose to look delicious and draw you in; then, reading the ingredients is what brings it altogether.  The other great things are the stories of different regions or a country or the life of the featured Chef.  
     Oh, I have two more reasons why I seem to be able to justify this massive collection of  cookbooks:
1. I don't…