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Let's have a Party

All mothers have been told they wear many hats - and I am no different.  My many hats include: wife, mother, daughter, artist, chef, teacher, friend . . .  But, there is one hat that I love with all my heart and that is the 'Mom hat'.  

Recently I put on the mom hat and the chef hat and was able to do something special for my youngest adult son Philip and my new daughter-in-law Becca.  They were married on April 10th, 2012 in a very small ceremony and were not able to have a reception.  *(This was due to the fact that Philip is now a Lance Corporal in the Marines and he has been stationed in San Diego at Camp Pendleton.  His leave was 10 days and their time together was short before he was to report for duty.)

Because everything had to be done so quickly, as a Mom, I wanted to do something special for them both.  We had planned a family get-together for my birthday, but instead we decided to surprise them with a little family reception. The party was planned and I made their wed…
Good Morning Friends
I know that anyone and everyone that happens to keep up with my blog were wondering if I would ever come back and post something new.  Well, I am back and ready to post the recipes and photos that are next in this little series (which happens to be soups).

Before I begin let me give you the reasons for my long delay in writing, which is "Life".  Sometimes living gets in the way.  And, the past 4 weeks have been quite eventful.

*The first event to start us off was:
.   My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson moved back to Georgia from Oklahoma.  They had been living in Oklahoma because of my son's job.  That job was done and his work sent him and his family back home.  In the process of moving back they were able to purchase their first home.  My husband and I were able to share in this wonderful experience with them.  

*Next event:
My youngest son Philip (who is a Marine) graduated from  FMRAC School.  And if I may brag a little (well, a lot) - During his ti…