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Learning to Cook all over again

This will just be a short post.  I will write more tomorrow.  But I am very excited about out new purchase.  We decided to get a new oven and a new microwave.  They are both Vikings and the oven is also a convection oven. It is so shiny and new I almost hate to get it dirty (almost).

But, like the title reads "It is like learning to cook all over again".  I have never used a convection oven before and in addition to bake - the other settings are:  low broil, medium broil, high broil; then convection bake, tru convection, convection roast, and convection broil.  Right now I have to look in the handbook so that I know which one to use.  I am not complaining - it is fun to try out all the new settings.

So far I have baked a cake (which turned out so much lighter than in my former over) and made balsamic marinated pork chops.  With the chops I used the convection broil setting - they were 1 1/2 inches thick and it only took 15 minutes.  I just have t…
Saints, Mother's Day, and Chocolate

As you read this post you will immediately realize that I am 'a day late and a dollar short'.  I should have posted this on Mother's Day but, alas, it did not happen.  The good part is that it is never to late to pay tribute your Mother.  That is exactly what I am about to do - pay tribute to my Mother and my Mother-In-Law:  

Margaret McClain and Marian Stephens

Let me start with the 'Saint' part of my title.  I have always wondered how a person becomes a Saint; so I looked up the definition and a Saint is not what I thought.  And as you would expect there are as many definitions as there are religions.  So I thought I would give you my definition or a list of what I think a Saint is: Someone who loves God Someone who is in constant prayer Someone who puts others first  Someone who loves unconditionally Someone who is patient and kind (and someone who loves chocolate)
I threw that last one in because I am sure you know where I am goin…