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Perfect Timing, Fall, & Snack Time

When I sat down to contemplate what to write about (especially since it has been quite sometime since the last post), the most obvious came to mind - food & photography (revelation, right!).  Since this is what my blog is about in the first place.  But, hold on to your hat, I have several other things on my heart and mind.
The first thing on my mind were the words 'perfect timing'. I will attempt to explain what I am talking about.  When I graduated from college, which will be a year as of December 14th, 2012, I was ready to make my way in the world (as people often say).  My thoughts were - if I can purchase the perfect lighting, the perfect camera, the perfect accessories - back drops, props - (well, you get the idea).  My work would be perfect and I would have a great business.  I also felt the same way about other things in my life.  
I soon found out you can have the best equipment in the world but it doesn't make you a better photographer, a better cook, and so on,…