Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finally! I didn't think I was ever going to get back into the groove with the rest of the world.  It's really not good to start off the New Year behind -  I mean I'm suppose to be going forward.  Like everyone else I have been reminising about the year 2012 - did I accomplish my goals, did I improve myself, have I become a better person.  Let's tackle to first question:

1. Did I accomplish my the goals I had set for myself in 2012? I am ashamed to say 'no' to that so I must carry over goals from the last year.
2. Did I improve myself?  I did change some of my habits and I have stuck with those changes, along with learning new things.  I believe that improving ones self is an on going thing and is probably a life goal.
3.  And last of all, have I become a better person?  Again this is  an on-going life goal to care more about others than yourself. 

With all that out of the way I did sit down and set new goals for 2013, but I won't bore you with the details.  One thing I will share is that as I continue to blog my goal has always been to combine my shared love of  food photography, cooking, and family.  That is what I wish to create, a family of not just readers, but a family of friends.  Families and food go together - it brings back memories like a family photo album or scrapbook.  So, am I ready for 2013?  For me 2013 is like when Jesus comes back - Are you ready?  All I can answer is - You better be ready, cause 2013 is here.

I had many wonderful things happen in 2012 (there were some downs, but the good definitely out-weighed the down times).   My oldest son and his family moved back to Georgia, so there has been more family time with them.  I have traveled to San Diego, West Palm Beach, and Charleston, SC.  We have had a wedding and 3 additions to our family - I have two new daughters and one new grandson (more people to love).

1. (top) My youngest son is a Marine and graduated from school -  Lance Corporal Philip Stephens
2. Philip and Becca's engagement and wedding.
3. My middle son, Matthew moved to West Palm Beach, where he is a chef for 'The Breakers'.

 My husband's passion is cars.  This is the Cavallino Classic 2012 in West Palm.

1. (top) Summertime fun - Cookout and Father's Day
2. My print won an award at the Blue Ridge Mountain National Art Show; last picture is my new daughter
3. Baby Shower; Halloween; Charleston Food Photography Workshop

1. Good times with my grandson Vann - petting farm and Ga. Aquarium
2. Trip to San Diego visiting Philip and Becca
3. My new grandson Julian Carter Stephens

My husband's new hobby - go cart racing at the race track

(This is it I promise) My husband's toys - the Shelby was a new addition to the family.

Happy New Year
and may 
God Bless You! 

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