Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Olympics of Chefs and Food

Every person that is interested in food should mark down this day, January 29th, 2013.  It is the day that starts the most prestigious competitions of all competitions for the most outstanding chefs from around the world.  The name is the "Bocus d'Or, named for the legendary chef Paul Bocus. 

First Round of Competition at the Bocuse d
(photo from Bocus d'Or site)

The Bocus d'Or would bring together the premier chefs from around the world to compete: displaying their skills in classic french cooling, organization and creativity in the kitchen, and devotion to their craft.

This year the American team of Richard Rosendale and Corey Siegel are one of the best teams America has to offer.  They have been training extensively and in secret for 2 years.  They are groomed, more than ready,  and believed to be the ones to bring home the Gold for the USA.
The Greenbrier.White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.(July 25, 2012)..the ulterior epicure | Twitter | Facebook | Bonjwing Photography.New York, New York .(July 19, 2012)..the ulterior epicure | Twitter | Facebook | Bonjwing Photography
(photo from Bocus d'Or USA site)
So, today raise that American flag.  Keep your computer focused on the Bocus d'Or site and watch the live stream of the competition starting at 10:00am est. 
Good Luck to our own American Team
Richard Rosendale and Corey Siegel

Go Team USA!!!!!!!  

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