Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy February to All!

Yes, February, can you believe it?
  I just want to say it is definitely a 'lovely day in the neighborhood.
Yes, it is cold and even though I am not a fan of cold weather -
 I am kind of excited for today, because if you see me today I will be sporting these babies on my hands.

(my son Matthew gave these mittens to me one Christmas and I just love them)
It's not often cold enough to wear them, so it is a special treat for my hands.

I have 2 more exciting things to share - well, maybe more exciting for me than for you.
I received a package yesterday of all kinds of props to use when taking my food photographs.
It was like Christmas for me and I just wanted to share my excitement with friends.
There is one more fun thing I want to leave you with today.  Everyone knows
February if  "Valentines" month.  Yesterday I purchased "William Sonoma's" 
Valentine Cookie Cutters.  I am preparing special Valentine packages for friends and family.
Check it out -
 I can't wait to get started baking.  The container is a flower pot that I have painted and 
I am filling it with all kinds of Valentine goodies.
(oh, one more surprise - In a few days I will be opening a site on Etsy -
selling hand painted items, woodcuts, prints, knitting, etc.
So, there is more to come.)

~Next post will be my finished product~
Valentine Cookies & recipes
hand-painted pots 
hand-painted cards

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