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Have You Ever Wondered?

(Today I have just a few thoughts I want to share: no recipe; no photos (o.k. maybe one photo) This is just an in-betweener - on June 30th there will be a post with many photos and recipes.  I just had some thoughts today that I wanted to share.)
Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Do I make a difference?  I do - all the time.  Besides all the things I love - photography, painting, cooking, etc.   I wonder if I have made someones day better or worse.  Did I listen to them when they were speaking?  What about that friend that needed a  meal?  a prayer? a kind word?  Was I there for them? did I take the time?
I came across an old letter this morning that was thanking me for being there, for listening, for being a friend.  I probably did not solve their problem(s), but I did acknowledge that they mattered.
It is amazing that just that little act of being there and listening could rock someones world.   I hope that I can always be that kind of person to listen when someone has a  b…

It's Official - Summer is Here!

It's Official - it is now Summer!  I love the different seasons, but I do believe that summer is my favorite.  So to kick off the wonderful day I am going to share an old favorite - Pudding Pops.  This is one of my grandson's favorites when comes to visit Flash (that's me) and Papa Oz.  You know that Grandma always has the good stuff.

Pudding Pop Recipe Ingredients:    1 package (3.9 oz.) Jello Instant Chocolate pudding mix    2 cups of milk 1. Put ingredients in a mixing bowl 2. Beat ingredients with a whisk for about 2 minutes      (until mixed and getting thick) 3. Pour mixture into Popsicle molds.  Insert the Popsicle stick. 4. Place in freezer for about 4 hours or until they are firm. Enjoy!!!!!! (Sailboat Popsicle molds from William-Sonoma)

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

To me a picture is worth a thousand words - so for this Father's Day these photographs are of the father's in my life.  They are each a blessing and the perfect example of a father.  My sons have learned from the best.   

Have a Blessed Day!

Let's Celebrate!

Welcome to Hump Day!  You know - that day in the middle of the week; it's not the dreaded Monday and then there is only one more day until the precious weekend arrives (provided that your weekend starts around Friday at 5:00).

     As I was having quiet time this morning I felt that today (hump day) would be a good day to Celebrate - and what would I celebrate - one thing would be that I made it to Wednesday - but really I have so much more to celebrate.  And since I have an enormous list of things, rather than share them all I broke it down to my top 10, and of course, at the end there is a celebratory recipe for Strawberry Gelato.

Top 10 Reasons for Celebration:
God is my SaviourMy Wonderful HusbandMy 3 Wonderful & Amazing SonsMy 3 Wonderful & Amazing Daughters (in-law)My Two Perfect & Handsome Grandsons - (yes, I'm prejudice)My Parents - I get to enjoy their company and spend precious time with themI am able to do the work I loveI am able to do for othersTher…

After All These Years

When you've  been married to someone for 32 years you would think that you know that person.  And that is exactly what I thought about my husband, Bill.  That is until about a month ago.  He goes to the restaurant Trattoria/Alpine Bakery to pick up our take-out order.  While he is waiting they are handing out samples of snickerdoodles.  He comes home raving about these snickerdoodles and how it reminded him of the ones his mother use to make.  Then he tells me how much he loves these cookies - not necessarily the ones from Alpine but the snicker doodle cookie itself.

        Now I realize this is not earth shattering news to any particular person, but 1. all this time I thought the chocolate chip cookie was his favorite  2. I do not for the life of me remember Mom making snickerdoodles  3. And because of the name I thought it was something made with a snickers candy bar.  (And after a little research - come to find out there are no snickers candy bars in a snicker doodle.

I Can't Believe It's June
I really can't believe that it's June.  Not only is it June, but it's the 7th day of June.  Stop and let me get off of this roller coaster.  I'm not ready for this at all.  April and May were filled with so many wonderful things and now it seems like they were light years ago.  In April I had my birthday #55, attended a Food Photography workshop in Atlanta (a birthday gift), took a long weekend trip to West Palm Beach, and spent 5 days in Gulf Shores, Alabama at a Food Photography workshop as the sous chef for the head chef (it was great and I feel blessed that I could be apart of it).  Then May came along; there was Mother's Day, and 2 weeks later we had a small family reunion - we were all together except my oldest son was working out of town and could not get home (he was greatly missed); and I attended 2 very special weddings. 

Now June is here and it's time focus on my ever growing garden; and yes there will be canning, cr…