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What Do I Do, Really?

About a month ago I read a devotional that asked that same question?  In my reading the answer the person gave was not your typical answer given - she said, "I bring hope to people who are hurting."  I loved that answer (her occupation - a clerk in a local grocery store.  She paid attention to her customers; if someone looked stressed or sad she would give them a kind word, a smile.  Something to brighten their day.)  What a wonderful thing to do.  What a wonderful way to be.

This persons answer to that questions made me think - What do I do, really?  A typical answer from me would be:  I am an artist, a food photographer, and an art teacher.  Now I think a better answer would be - I bring out the creativity in a person and give them something to enjoy in life.

So today, on this beautiful fall day, please allow me to bring out your creativity and try something new.  A simple, but elegant dessert with the taste of cinnamon. 

Cinnamon Creme Brulee **from:  The Last Course   By: C…