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Visit to 'Back In The Day Bakery' in Savannah, GA

It's November and in 3 days Thanksgiving will be here.   I have much to be thankful for; and I will wait to explain in a future post.  Today I want to share a wonderful recipe that could be an alternative to your usual pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

This recipe comes from a recently purchased cookbook: "The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook", (It is from the bakery in Savannah, GA by the same name). I recently had the privilege to visit this wonderful place and meet one of the owners - Cheryl Day.  All I can say is what a fantastic place.

Everything in the store is inviting - the owners, the waite staff, the vintage merchandise, and of course the food.  The shelves are lined with antiques/retro and other wise. 

You can enjoy 'baked from scratch' cookies, pies, cupcakes and much more; sit down for a relaxing lunch (I can recommend the 'pimento & pig hot sandwich - excellent), or just enjoy something from the expresso bar. 
 But, if a trip to Savannah is not in the…