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It is 6:00 am on a Saturday and I am wide awake.  No matter how hard I try I can't sleep.  Rather than fight it downstairs I go.  I find that sleeplessness has it's advantages; deciding to catch up on the many blogs I follow (50+).  I love reading other peoples blogs because it inspires me to be more creative; to work harder at the things I love to do; and when you feel creatively dead - they help to get those creative juices flowing again.

Oh, and one more thing about other blogs - you find out you are not alone in this crazy world.  There are people that love the same things; struggle with the same things; are just as crunched with time and struggling to keep it together -
Just Like Me.
There are times as a blogger that you feel you have failed.  You struggle to get out that next post and guilt settles in; feel you are neglecting your work and apologizing for not being more faithful.  This is something a blogger must overcome and move on.  
I am doing just that - there have been…