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Let's Try Something New, Shall We

Well, new to me at least.  I love making new things in the way of food and knowing how to make my own ________ (fill in the blank); and, even better, knowing exactly what the ingredients are. 

For instance, grinding my own grain to make bread (courtesy of Bread Beckers. They have a great web site: ),

making my own yogurt (from raw milk), or growing micro-greens.

While in this mind-set I stumbled across two beautiful cookbooks.  

Thumbing through their pages, enjoying the photography; reading the stories about gardening, and preparing spring and summer vegetables I discovered two things I had never tried -  "Preserving Lemons" and making "Raspberry Vinegar".  I immediately thought of all the possibilities with the end product - dressings for salads, marinades for meats and fish, and the sauces.

You need to know the when preparing them the results are not immediate they both must sit for about two weeks.  On the up-side the preparation is simple.