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Hello to 2015

 Opening a new year and leaving behind a year that has (for me) had its ups and (heartbreaking) downs of life.  It is a year that I am glad has ended.
So, cheers to the good times of 2014: 
*being with my Daddy for 3 months before he went to be with the Lord;
*to spending time with my Mom and growing closer
*to the time spent with Matthew (our middle son), his wife (Angie), and our grandson Julian before their move back to West Palm; 
*to our visits to San Diego to see Philip (youngest son) & (his wife) Becca; 
*to our visits to  West Palm; 
*to the Family Reunion in PA; 
*to spending time with Joshua (our oldest), (his wife) Sarah, (grandson) Vann, & (brand new grandson) Knox.

A Few Favorite Photos 2014