Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Go Go Gadget Tuesday

Can you believe it?  It’s Gadget Tuesday again.

I’ll start this post with:
I love to bake and if I could go back to school I would love to go to ‘Culinary Institute of America’ and study to become a pastry chef.  I would love to create one-of-a-kind wedding cakes, birthday cakes, breads, and pastries of all kinds.  The art of baking and embellishing the finished product fascinates me.  Instead of a paint palate with oils; it would be icing and chocolate.

I know two amazing pastry chefs (one lives in Texas and the other in Washington, D.C.)  Everything they create is amazing and beautiful.  Almost too pretty to eat – the key word here is ‘almost’.

This gadget I am sharing today is a find from ‘Sur La Table’ store.  It indulges my desire to create beautiful embellishments for all kinds of pastries.  (This is my first time using it; just know I need practice for the chocolate to be perfect.)

This item is from a company called Lékué.  The kit contains: 1 transparent baking sheet, a Decopen with different sized tips, and 4 laminated stencils with different motifs.

  All you have to do is follow the drawings on the stencils.

 And, Viola! You have created your very own chocolate figures.

This little decorating gadget is a lot of fun.  It is easy to use and I am sure if I practice my chocolate pieces will not turn out quite so lumpy. 

My hope is that you have a wonderful day.  Thanks for choosing to stop and read.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Go, Go Gadget Tuesday

I love gadgets – kitchen gadgets, woodworking gadgets, gardening.  I especially love it when they work.  Don’t get me wrong; when it comes to working in the kitchen I also love the old school ways. I just thought that I would take tuesday's to share some gadgets that I love and am having fun using.

Today, I have a gadget that I love and am so happy that I found it.  The purchase was not for me, but for my mother. I was so excited about it I just wanted to share. 

(Story)My mother has arthritis in her hands.  She is
not able to open jars because of the lack of strength in 
the hands and the pain.  We set out to fine something that would allow her to easily open jars without help. 
We purchased several things
hoping that at least one would do the trick.

The first was the ‘Oxo Good Grips Jar Opener’.  It worked  
for me because I have strength in my hands, but did not
work for my mother.
Then we tried the ‘rubber grip’ jar openers with no success.
(I do want to point out that both of these products worked 
great for me, but I don't have arthritis.) 
I did not want to give up.  So, searching the internet I found something that I thought was worth a try. 

 Black & Decker Automatic Lids Off Jar Opener’

I found a used one on Amazon and placed an order.    I was hoping that this item would work, because I was running out of ideas; except to open all her jars for her when I would come to visit. 

The opener arrived in just a few days and I could not wait to try it out. Immediately pulled it out of the box; cleaned it up a bit; plugged it in.  And to my delight – this thing really worked. 

You place the jar in the middle of the grey ring – lower the top – press the button.   Voila! You have an open jar.  My mother and I tried it out on several different sized jars – it even worked on a tiny jar of pimentos.

Even if this opener wears out quickly (because it was used); I would order one at full price.  What is the saying “The Best Thing since Sliced Bread”.  And such a wonderful appliance for someone who has arthritis or any handicap that makes it difficult to open jars.  

Thanks for reading
Have a Fantastic Day

Happy Thanksgiving

  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Many Blessings and Love to All