Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fast & Easy (Spin on the Classic Burger)

 Keeping It: Fast, Easy, & Fun

There is just something fun about grilling out on a sunny day.   After a long Monday, no one wants to be inside, cooking over a hot stove. especially if it's beautiful outside - even thinking about it is, well, depressing.  Grilling is the answer – it just brings fun to a meal (and of course you have eat 'Al fresco'.

With that thought let’s put a spin on the classic burger and give it an Italian flair.  Mixing a pound of ground beef with a pound of ground (mild or spicy; your choice) Italian sausage.  Using marinara instead of ketchup; and provolone or mozzarella cheese slices instead of American cheese; throw a little basil on top for extra flavor.  It's wonderful!
Here is a fast and easy meal that is not only delicious, but fun.  
 Yes, it's Monday, but - I hope you have time to enjoy the day.


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