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Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

I feel that anyone alive; breathing and doing needs a little inspiration; a few uplifting words.  Heaven knows with all this doing and living there are times we fail - if you arehuman. And then, it is all in the handling of the failure.  The thing is - to fail does not mean to quite, but to pick yourself up and start a new.  Try a new way to get to the final goal. Whatever that goal may be. 

Thomas Alva Edison Story Edison had a very specific attitude towards failure. It took him 10,000 attempts to refine the light bulb.   He had many successful patients, but there were many failures.  He continued to try and try again.
Edison said, "I can never find the things that work best until I know the things that don't work."  
Keep trying, trying, trying and persevere.  That dream - that may not have surfaced yet could be right around the bend.

I have a copy of a devotional that I keep with me and read to give me a lift; a little push; that encouragement to keep pursuing that dream.


What do you do . . .?

What do you do when you come back home after a week-long vacation?  We just returned from Portland, Oregon.  So . . .
In my world I: Unpack right away (For me this is a must.I am obsessive compulsive that way).Wash all the dirty clothes (another obsessive act)Download all vacation photos(More than 500 photos,  Yes, this is a typical number when I visit new places.My philosophy is, ‘What if I never get back this way again’.) Without further adieu I would like to introduce you to a great city.  When you visit here are just a few things you should do:
           *walk around the city (you can't enjoy it if you drive)
           *try a food cart for lunch – my 2 favorites right now are the
Jook Joint (Asian    Fusion – try the coconut corn fritters,
             so great) and Squeeze Berries (the best fresh juice smoothies).
             They are located beside each other on 10th Ave.
           *Find a great coffee shop; experiment they are everywhere. 
           *Hike through Washington P…

Strawberry Picnic or that saying "Everything old is new again."