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Do You Remember? & Jello Recipe Photos

Do you remember when families came together?Not just at meal time, but reunions, weekend visits, or just dropping by to say ‘Hi’.I remember walking a path from my house to my grandparent’s house almost every day; coming together at every holiday.I know life styles have changed.The demographics of families have changed.Families are spread out, stressed out, and just plain too busy.And guess what, I don’t have a solution.I just miss those times in my life; when I was a kid.We just have to make more of an effort to make those special times happen.I just wonder if some of the stresses and heavy loads families carry would be lighter if we were about to share this with family.The conversation, hugs, laughter, and the belonging.

As I promised in my last blog post, photos of “Sally’s Super Duper Delicious Jello Salad.Oh, and l wanted to change it up a bit.Not the recipe.The recipe is perfect.I changed the presentation a bit.The recipe calls for the Jello to be in a 9 x 13 glass dish.I had purc…