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March is Only . . .

February is only, as I am writing, has two days until the end.  Then we happily bring in March.  March is the month of many celebrations: the 6th is the beginning of Lent (46 days before Easter), the 10th is daylight savings time (always a welcome time as the days get longer), the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th (the day everyone around the world becomes Irish), and the much anticipated 20th of March – the first day of Spring.  Oh, and March 28th I have down as the day to renew my driver’s license (my birthday is in April).

February was busy, but such a fun month for creating: new items for my shop, special Valentine boxes for my family, and taking on “21 Day Fix Challenge”**.   ** (side note: I recommend this Beachbody Challenge.  The program is easy to follow and my favorite is the portion cups and having a Coach to lean on for support.  Here is a IG of my Coach (be_fit_about_it). Look her up if you are looking for motivation to being healthy and a fun program.)

In Februa…

Happy New Year (A little late)

Hello Friends and Welcome to a New Year.  I know what you're thinking.  January has pasted and we are 6 days away from Valentine's.  I have chosen to start my new year in February.  I just wasn't ready for January and the new year.
I used January to figure out where I am going with my blog, my art, my photography, and all the other things that I love to do.  I spent January writing, thinking, and creating; realizing that I am not just one thing - I am many things wrapped up into one.  There are so many things I love to do: art (all its different mediums), photography, cooking, and writing.  
Why am I not sharing all the things I love?  I was trying to follow the formal of other people and not following my heart.  This year I want a change.  I want to write and share more of who I am and the things I love (all the things I love).
So, whether I have 1 reader or 100 I hope you enjoy this year of 2019 with me: stories, encouraging words, art, crafting ideas & demos, recipes &…