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More Container Gardening: a learning experience

  This is my 4th year of container gardening.  Each year has been a learning experience for me.  And each year I have enjoyed this way of gardening more and more.  While I don’t claim to be an expert; I am always learning.   For instances the one thing learned is ‘less is more’.  Planting less plants and avoiding crowding will create more growth and a bigger yield.  You would think the opposite is true, but truly no one likes a crowd especially plants.   Room to spread out is the key. Moving on to the Pros and Cons of container gardening.  The pros are: no weeds to pick; the garden is right outside my kitchen door; and easier to control pests.  The cons, well, when I find some cons I will get back to you. There is something about getting outside, getting your hands dirty, and picking those first vegetables.  It’s mentally healthy.  This makes me excited for this years growing season and looking forward to this season’s yield. I have 2 favorites when it comes to container gardening: the

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