Chocolate Dessert Bowls (How To)

I love making these little chocolate dessert bowls.  You could make them as a surprise or make them with the kids.  They are very easy and are a fun addition to the dinner table.

Chocolate Dessert Bowls

*10 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  (You can use any brand of chips you like; I use the
   'Enjoy Life' because I am dairy-free)
*4 balloons (12 in. latex)

First you will need to blow up for balloons about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.  (Don't measure, just use your own judgement as to how large or small you would like your bowls.

Next pour the chips into a microwavable bowl.  Microwave the chips in 30 second intervals (stirring in between) til chips are melted.

Next dip the base of each balloon in the melted chocolate and place on a tray lined with foil.  (The chocolate will accumulate at the bottom and form a base for the bowl.)  Place the tray with the balloons in the refrigerator for about an hour for the chocolate to harden.  

After the hour remove them from the refrigerator and deflate the balloons. Very carefully (and I do mean carefully) remove the balloon by slowly peeling it away from the chocolate.

Next fill each bowl with whipped cream and berries, ice cream, or whatever you like.  


Happy Cooking,